1. 3 Pants for $10.00
    3 Pants for $10.00 (Sat Drop Off only)
    3 Pants for $10.00 (When dropped off on Saturday). Please mention while dropping your clothes to take advantage of this special.
  2. Winter Coat Special
    Winter Coat starting from $13.00
    Winter coat starting from $13.00 Note: Canada Goose and coat with fur will be at additional cost.
  3. Any 3 pcs Dry clean for $10.00
    Any 3 pcs Dry clean for $10.00
    For Limited time, get any 3 pcs dry cleaned for $10.00 Includes Blouses, Tops, Skirts, T-Shirts, Shorts. (silk, cashmere at extra cost)
  4. Suit & Shirt for $10.00
    Cadet Special: Suit Dry Cleaned & Shirt launder & machine press for $10.00.
  5. Rug cleaning for $1.29/sq.ft
    Any Rug for $1.49/sq.ft
    Bring your Persian, Oriental, Wool, Cow or Sheep skin or Area Rugs cleaned for only $1.49/sq.ft (Silk at extra cost)
  6. Shirt Launder & Machine Press for $1.50
    Shirt Launder & Machine Press for $1.60
    Dress Shirt Laundered & Machine Pressed for $1.60 only.